Seedlings and Sprouts Children’s Activities Prep

Volunteers are invited to assist in preparing the packets used for the Seedlings and Sprouts (SAS) children’s activities.  This volunteer time can be coordinated as a flexible task that can be completed prior to the opening of the Market in May or the in the days and months before scheduled use.

An activity packet is prepared for each Sunday of the Market season.  The packet contains instructions for the project of the day, along with the materials that will be needed for the 30-40 children who will participate in the SAS activities on any given Sunday.

This year the Market will have a theme  of the week, and we will be attempting to have activities that fit with the theme.  Some Sundays may have two projects for children to choose from. The kits may have some parts that need to be cut out and pre-assembled for the children.

An adult volunteer managing the SAS children’s activities will contact assistant volunteers to schedule  work on the packets.

Volunteer Coordinator, Jackie Ellis – 586-876-5764 or