Market FAQs

  • If it’s raining, will the Market be open?
    • If it is raining, bring your umbrella and stroll between the raindrops. The Market will be open!  Our vendors work rain or shine and so do we.
  • What if there is lightning or thunder?
    • If it is raining and the rain is accompanied by thunder and lightning, our first priority is to make sure everyone is safe.  The Market Manager will not open/reopen the Market until 30 minutes have passed lightning/thunder free.
  • What if there is a severe weather forecast?
    • If you are planning your visit and severe weather is/may be in the forecast, make sure to check our Facebook page frequently. We will post any weather-related Market announcements there.
  • What if I am already at the Market and weather becomes an issue?
    • For the threat of lightning, people in the Market will be asked to move to shelter or directed to their vehicles until 30 minutes have passed lightning/thunder free.
    • If more than 60 minutes have passed and the storm continues or the Market Manager can verify an extended storm cell’s presence exceeding the remaining open hours of the Market, the Market will be closed for the day.
    • Hopefully it will rarely happen that severe weather (thunder, lightning, high winds, etc.) will trigger temporary evacuation or cancellation of the Market. The Market Manager will monitor weather conditions and implement safety measures for your protection. We thank you for your anticipated cooperation in the event a weather emergency arises.
  • Is permission required to bring a dog into the Market?
    • Dogs may accompany supervising adults without prior permission.
  • What are the expectations or requirements regarding dogs at the Market?
    • Dogs must be on a kept under control and on a leash and/or appropriate restraint.
    • Dogs must socialized and tolerant of contact with dogs and humans, especially children.
    • Owners should take care that dogs do not come in contact with food on display or enter a vendors booth space.
    • Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog.
  • Is there water for dogs at the Market?
    • There are two pet watering dishes in the Market.

What are the rules about solicitation at the Market?

No solicitations are allowed during the Market operation.


Come Visit

The Eastern Ingham Farmers Market is a special space dedicated to creating connections between the farmers and artisans in your community and providing consumers access to fresh local food on your table and handmade artisan products in your home.

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. every Sunday
mid-May – mid-October

Holiday Market in December

McCormick Park in Williamston

Contact the Market Manager at  or call (517) 618-1630 for more information.