Meet Our Vendors

Looking for new ideas/plants to beautify your yard? Stop by the Better Finds booth! Operated by Lynette Bugenske from Saginaw MI, Better Finds specializes in native Michigan perennials and ferns and nursery stock.

Contact Information:
Lynette Fouch Bugenske

989-793-8521 Nursery

989-980-6228 Mobile

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Scott Bloom is a long term vendors with the market. Operating Bloom Farms, they offer a wide selection of beef products.

Contact Information
Scott Bloom

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When the pandemic hit, and everyone needed masks, I slowly began teaching myself. I found that I really enjoy sewing. I am especially fond of sewing adorable baby items. Aprons and other items can be found in my array of handmade products.

Contact Information
Melissa Boza


A recent stroke survivor, Jon Boza, found another form of work. He makes and sells custom wooden products big and small. Woodworking has been a great therapy  for Jon and he make use of reclaimed wood, woodland finds and new lumber. This is passion and he plans on making things for the rest of his life.

Contact Information
Jon Boza

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We are a grandmother/daughter/granddaughter (Jean, Harmony and Greta) business that has a small goat herd in Haslett, MI. This is our 5th year making and selling our luxurious soaps, using milk from a local herd. Our established customers love our products and we hope you do too! We began in 2017 milking two Nigerian Dwarf does. They are the mother/daughter foundation of our farm: Fili and Clover. We have recently started using milk from a friend’s goat herd in, also in Ingham Co.

We offer select soaps and fudge that can be ordered online from our website ordering system with delivery to the Eastern Ingham Farmers Market on Sundays from May 16-October 10, 2021.

Contact Information
Jean Fierke


Cory and Symantha Outwater are the C & S of this Family Farm. Over the course of the market season they offer delectable fruits and vegetables.

Also look for Symantha’s homemade decorated  sugar cookies, individually packaged in a variety of themes.  Fondly named Auntie Cookie’s Cookies after Symantha’s Aunt Cookie’s favorite recipe, these cookies are very popular with children and adults alike.  Customers can pre-order cookies for special events with customized decorations and shapes.

Contact Information
Cory Outwater

Symantha Outwater

Facebook at C & S Family Farms

The Cheese People offers a unique cheese experience at the market. They produce small batch cheeses that vary from make to make, and cut the blocks and wheels to order on site so that customers can experience the connection to the factory and the aging room.

Contact Information:
David Grothause

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The Circle F offers eggs and a variety of meat products including grass-fed lamb, non-GMO pastured pork, chicken, duck, turkey, and quail. Owner Jacob Farley will also be offering grass-fed beef.

Contact Information
Jacob Farley
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Dawn Fyrciak creates handcrafted clothing for 11.5″, 14″, and 18″ dolls, as well as fleece shawls, scarves, throws; neck bone pillows, pet pillows; and tote bags and other miscellaneous crafts.

Contact Information
Dawn Fyrciak
517-223-8519 (Note:  Leave message with questions and requests.)   (Note:  Put “Doll Clothes” in the  subject line.)

English Flower Farm is a family run flower farm based in Williamston, Michigan growing over 60 varieties for farmers markets and subscriptions.

The English Family has been farming in Michigan for over 120 Years and have newly expanded into growing fresh cut flowers.

Contact Information
Kathie English

Instagram: englishfamilyflowerfarm

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Fresh picked Gala and Honey Crisp apples at our orchard located at 2150 Sherwood Road Williamston Mi.

Contact Information:

Elaine and Jim Flore, Co-Owners/Growers

Phone: 517-614-1631
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FlowerEssence is located 6 miles east of Williamston and has been a market vendor since 2012. The highlight of FlowerEssence crops is specialty cut flowers with more than 50 varieties offered throughout the season. Other offerings include: Blue Barn Farm eggs-produce by pastured chickens, a variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs all grown using organic methods, and K&M Aparies Honey from Vermontville.

FlowerEssence is a member of Michigan Floral Association, Michigan Farmers Market Association, and the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers of America. Orders for bouquets, flower bunches, buckets of flowers, and eggs, can be placed ahead of market day for pick-up at the market.

Contact Information:

Marlene Ann Epley, Owner/Grower/Florist, Organic Agriculture Specialist and Consultant
FlowerEssence of Blue Barn Farm
Phone: 517-749-0352

Pre-order through EIFM

Vendor Craig Koenigsknecht’s  offers products available twice a week – Selection (subject to change): Heritage Loaf, Sweet Wheat, Oatsmahgoats, Backroad Brown, Oh Mi Sprouts, Not Your Dad’s Cinnamon Roll. Order/contact at:

Contact Information
Craig Koenigsknecht
Facebook at For the Love of Grain

Fresh and nutritious Microgreen delivery service with weekly subscriptions. Harvest to your location in less than 24 hours. Serving offices, homes, restaurants and more.

Contact Information
Andy Drier

Facebook: GrowWellGreens

Small batch, veteran owned artisan hot sauce company

Contact Information
Bryan Zuzga
Facebook at For the Love of Grain

Heaven on a Roll will be serving up our famous BBQ this season at the Eastern Ingham Farmers Market. They will serve up Smoked Brisket, Ribs, Rib tips, Carolina BBQ, chicken cornbread and our regular menu items.

Contact Information:
Patrick Hagman
(517) 672-2854

Facebook: Heaven on a Roll

We are a licensed perennial grower of over 6000 plants! We offer garden design as well. We are open late April-October. Home grown farm goods; beef, chicken and eggs, vegetable plants, herbs, etc.

Contact Information:
Jennifer Botruff
(517) 223-3644
Have A Hoot Designs
Pre-order through text 517-223-3644

Homestead makes hand-crafted seasonal, small batch specialty jam, preserves and compotes. I use all fresh ingredients with no additives, preservatives or pectin.

Contact Information:
Dawn Teaster
(517) 449-3425

Homestead Artisan Jams and Preserves

We are a licensed perennial grower of over 6000 plants! We offer garden design as well. We are open late April-October. Home grown farm goods; beef, chicken and eggs, vegetable plants, herbs, etc.

Contact Information:
Denise James
(517) 204-1298

James Dust-ee Acres Farm Facebook
Pre-order through text 517-204-1127 or email

Located in Haslett, this eclectic business offers eggs, varieties of beans, and handcrafted soap made from goat milk. We specialize in goat milk soap made with natural, sustainable oils and ingredients for all skin types!

We attend:
Eastern Ingham Farmers Market in Williamston on Sundays 10am-2pm,
Bath Farmers Market Thursdays 3pm-7pm, and
Meridian Twp Farmers Market Wednesday 3pm-7pm.
Online orders can be delivered to any of these markets.

Contact Information
Jean Fierke
Phone: 517-575-8153
Facebook at chickadee goat milk soap

Shop Chickadee

Jennifer Jeremiah – The Conscious Cloth was founded in 2019 with a commitment to replace disposable and synthetically-made household items with ethically-made and sourced renewable fibers that can be reused again and again! Our head seamstress (that’s me, Jennifer!) sews each item in her home studio in Michigan, USA.

After owning and operating my own clothing line for almost a decade, I’ve learned the inner-workings of the textile community, including the devastating reality it can have on farmers and those in the production process. Without truly knowing the impact, many wear leggings made of plastic and wash their faces with the same allergen while companies conceal and market cheap, synthetic materials as beneficial. In a “fast” society that hides the truth about the reality of its products, we choose the “slow” method …and transparency. We don’t use microfibers (i.e. plastics!); we don’t use “athletic, wicking” materials (i.e. plastics!). We choose natural and sustainable fibers. We choose chemical-free organics. We choose health…and our bodies…and your bodies…and farmers’ bodies…and the earth’s body.

At THE CONSCIOUS CLOTH, we use fully organic and renewable fibers including certified organic cotton and hemp. Our cloths are biodegradable, reusable, washable; and every cloth is made with a specific purpose in mind. Everything from our cloths to our product cards (100% recycled materials) to our mailers (100% recycled, 100% recyclable, and 100% reusable) are handled with the utmost care.

We still own our clothing shop, Lifecycle Apparel (also on Etsy)!…and we’d love to connect with you in our likeminded conscious-living community!
Instagram: @theconsciouscloth

Contact Information


We’re mobile. We’re fun. We’re stocked with the most delicious flavors you’ve ever tasted. Need a moment of pure bliss? Kona Ice has you covered. Come visit us, let our sweet tunes sweep you away to an island in the middle of the ocean. And while you’re there, kick up your feet and enjoy a nice cup of our premium shaved ice.

Contact Information
Mary Breier



Born and raised in MI we are proud to be from the capital city. We have spent most of our lives gaining experience in the kitchen. We live to see the smiles our pastries, desserts, and breads bring to those that enjoy them.

As of now, we are working under Michigan’s Cottage Food Laws.
We are not a licensed kitchen, and we do work from home.
Our future goal is to have a home front to call our own, and will serve you the best sweets and treats to reach success within our community.

Contact Information
Tiffany Daniels




Love Bug Boutique was created to provide unique handmade baby clothe and accessories. We hope you enjoy and love all the pieces as much we do.
Love Bug Boutique was inspired by our biggest blessing and joy Annie Lou. Our dream is to create clothe, bows, and other accessories that capture the innocence and magic of a childhood.

Contact Information
Nicole Allen



Love My Clairefinity was created to provide unique handmade candles, bath, and other personal care products that are hand mixed. I hope you enjoy all the personal products!
Contact Information

Clair Flaherty



Mama C’s offers a variety of sauces and other preserved specialty items. The best blend of tomatoes, onions, celery, green and red sweet peppers, salt, vinegar, sugar & spices that are assured to tickle your taste buds. Pickles, marinades, salsa, pickled vegetables, BBQ glaze, pizza sauce, dips and more.

Contact Information
Carol Davis

517-749-9809 Cell


Home Grown Veggies Sold Daily during the Michigan Growing Season.

Contact Information
Rod McAvoy
Facebook at McAvoys Fresh Produce and More

Custom made, made from scratch home baked goods. Cookies

Contact Information
Holly McDermitt

(810) 309-9448


An artisan turned baker! Laura Kriss is an RN by profession and a baker by love. The Market will hosting Laura Kriss’ delightful treats.

Contact Information

Laura Kriss

Phone: (248)767-6073


Dawn Mitchinson, makes everything from scratch. Cookies, muffins and other delights are brought to the market.

Contact Information

Dawn Mitchinson

Phone: (517) 468-1420

Dave & Malinda Barr own and operate Ralya House Beeswax Essentials. They handcraft the candles, body products, and their entire line of products in Michigan.

Ralya House Beeswax Essentials Also offers:

  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Consignment Agreements
  • Fundraising Programs
  • Custom Scent Development
  • Private Labeling
  • Gift Packaging
  • Personal Container Refills
  • Home parties and shows

Contact Information

Dave & Malinda Barr

Phone: (517) 749-5278



Website:  Ralya House Beeswax Essentials

We are a mobile espresso bar that helps businesses, non-profits, and other organizations celebrate (and caffeinate) their communities.

Contact Information

Doug Mains

Phone: (517) 899-4655

Email: doug@runaboutcoffee


S & S Crafts is a business that has been going for 35 years. Sam and Sue are the main owners. Sam does wood working items and great cutting boards. Sue makes the famous kitchen scrubbies and she also crochets dish cloths and pot holders, crochet on towels and much more. They have 3 kids and they all do their craft as well. Tim Paul  makes jewelry boxes and does a lot and runs a Petoskey stone page. Melissa Beaubien  makes clay pot people and yard games. Then Gretchen Milliman  makes tissue boxes out of plastic canvas.. They all do special orders. You can message anyone of them with any questions you may have.

Contact Information

Sam or Sue Clough

Phone: (517) 522-5893


FaceBook/S&S Crafts

During my young years growing up I always had the passion for cooking and being outdoors. I love being in the kitchen experimenting with different recipes to provide a dinner to my family.Being able to take those recipes out the grill/smoker brought a smile to my face, allowing me to enjoy the nice weather while doing what I enjoyed. My junior and senior year I took a culinary arts & hospitality program, my senior year in the program I was awarded the opportunity to the student manager of the Fresh and Furious Food truck.

I always spent my weekends growing up experimenting with different meats,rubs,marinades, and brines. Seeing the finished product after the number of hours preparing and smoking was awardful. After many years of working the same meats, I began wanting the feedback from a judge of how good my meat actaully was. I attended my first rib competition against professionals as well as rookies. I placed 8th out of 20 in my first compeition.

All meats will be prepared using a reverse flow, wood fed smoker. The reverse flow allows for the even heat around the meats to give you the nice clean smoke flavor your looking for. The smoke flavor is coming in with a mix of cherry and hickory wood.

Contact Information
Connor Long,


Website: SmokeshowBBQ

The smell of popcorn popping makes this a tempting booth at the market. There are numerous flavors/colors to choose from, and fresh squeezed lemonade to quench your thirst.

Contact Information
Joshua Glew

Titus Farms is a long-term vendor with the market, providing seasonal flowers, fruit, jams, and vegetables and herbs. The Titus Farm philosophy is to raise food using compost and natural fertilizer to keep soil healthy, and hoeing and hand-weeding to keep the land free of herbicides. They strive to maximize tastiness of what they grow by minimizing the time between harvesting food and when it is eaten by their market customers.

Contact Information


Vendor Cathie Wood offers raw honey and honey based natural skin care products.

Contact Information
Cathie Wood

Pre-order from Vendor

When vendor Aaron Roberts was laid off from work recently due to the economic impact of Covid19, he turned a 10 year woodworking hobby into a new business.  currently in production are various types of cedar planters, in heights of 14″, 24″, and 36″.  All planters can be customized with painting and stenciling,  or purchased as raw cedar wood.

Contact Information
Aaron Roberts
Facebook: @woodsycraftsmanco

Pre-order from Vendor

The Williamston Elementary PTSA is going to be selling books and things to school support activities.
Ryan Edberg
What’s all the talk about Rubber Duckies? Actually, the Rotary Club booth at the Market is not about rubber duckies! Those little yellow critters are an integral part of one of the Rotary’s biggest fundraiser each year. All those little plastic ducks they sell are a means to a positive end.
For 21 years, the Williamston Sunrise Rotary has sold tickets that entitle you to your own “Rotary Duck”. Then during the Red Cedar Jubilee in late June, the “Duck Drop” sends hundreds of the numbered plastic duckies down the Red Cedar River, and prizes are awarded to winning ‘Duck Owners’. Through this fundraiser, the Rotary has raised and returned to our community over $400,000 dollars.

Operated by Liz Montemayor, Zulema’s Authentic Mexican Food booth serves breakfast burritos, tacos, tostadas, rice, and beans, tamales, salsa, pico de gallo, and tortilla chips. From the moment you enter the market, you will be tempted to experience Zulema’s menu! They have most of their menu available for pickup of tamales and other products.

Contact Information
Liz Montemayor
517-202-9709 / 517-202-9706’s Authentic Mexican Food

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