Our Roots and Dreams

We provide fresh food, education, and artisan products.

Sowing Growth is a 501c(3) nonprofit corporation founded in April 2018 for the specific purpose of operating the Eastern Ingham Farmers Market in Williamston, MI. The roots of the Eastern Ingham Farmers Market date back to 2011 and the formation of its predecessor, Williamston Farmers Market, operated initially by the Downtown Development Authority and then by the City of Williamston.

When Sowing Growth was incorporated and assumed operation of the Williamston Farmers Market in April, 2018, the market had grown from the original 8 vendors to an annual pool of 50 seasonal/daily vendors. While the location of the Market has remained in Williamston, Sowing Growth changed the name to “Eastern Ingham Farmers Market” to intentionally reflect Sowing Growth’s expanded mission and vision to provide fresh food education and equitable food access not only to Williamston residents, but to visitors and neighboring residents as well.

Our priorities from 2018 to 2022 were to successfully transition from the Williamston Farmers Market to the Eastern Ingham Farmers Market and to safely navigate operation through the pandemic.

Sowing Growth is now in the process of implementing its 2022-2026 strategic plan for both the Eastern Ingham Farmers Market and Sowing Growth. Our current focus is to continually enhance the market experience for vendors, customers and volunteers alike. We seek to increase our numbers, diversity, and engaged participation.

Even as Sowing Growth was incorporated, the founders had dreams of someday operating complimentary programs, in addition to the Market. We invite our readers’ input. Please share your dreams for the Market or other related programs that Sowing Growth might undertake. You can submit your ideas to any of the Sowing Growth board members.


From the first seeds that were planted in 2011, we are committed to:

Providing access to fresh, local, healthy and seasonal food to a broader community

Providing access to artisans’ handcrafted products, creations, and works of art

Creating a fun, safe and healthy market community environment that promotes education about local food, local farms, and sustainable, healthy growing practices, and artisan skills, techniques, and creative processes


Volunteers are the backbone of Sowing Growth and the Market. In addition to its  volunteer Board of Directors, Sowing Growth needs volunteers throughout the year for various Market support projects, and during the Market season to assist in smooth Market day operations.