Carol Grainger


Carol is a lifetime resident of Williamston, as her parents and their parents were from the area. Her husband, David, is also a lifetime local. Both come from the farming community and have a passion for gardening and “farm to table” programs. They own a small farm in Williamston, which David grew up on. Carol’s daughters both live in the area active in both Williamston and Mason doings and raising their families.

Carol has been a care provider and teacher in a home-based preschool called Grandmother’s Geese for a few years, as she raised her own children. Then, she worked in Professional Development and Training for three different educational institutes, finishing at Michigan Virtual High School. In 2014, Carol started and still operates a home-based business, Creative Learning Links, LLC. She helps others plan, design, and develop educational programs for adult learning. In her consultant/ public relations coordinator work she helps “marry” talented experts with the people who need them. With extensive work experience in web-based learning services, Carol brings her technology skills to the table. She has held many offices in professional organizations and currently serves as a board member for the Williamston Red Cedar Garden Club and District Director for Michigan Garden Clubs and remains an active member in the Capital Area Master Gardener Association.